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25th Wedding Anniversary dinner for Mom and Dad. I love you both ❤️👪💍 (at Tony Romas St. James)

It’s almost June. Makes my ❤️ happy :)

Cambria, California 2012 💑 #tbt

That underbite though 😍

My princess 🐶 turns 6 today. Happiest birth doggy day to my Pixie pup ❤️

Hope you had fun tonight @valenbasco. We love ya😍

Sunday fun day! Happy birthday Karmela! 😄🎉🎁

2 more months until I’m with you again ❤️#FlashbackFriday

#tbt with the cousins when we were in the #Philippines 😂

"We’ll always be friends because you match my level of crazy 😂"