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Leaving will always be the most painful part of my trip but even though it is, I know it will take us a step closer to being together for good. Thank you for one unforgettable and best summer of my life. I love you, always ❤️💍#cantwaittomarryyou (at Grand Canyon National Park)

SFS reunion with my grade school friends once again! This time Joeven finally joined us. Nice seeing you again after 11 years! (at San Diego, California)

4 years with the love of my life ❤️ (at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood - La Jolla, CA)

It has been 4 wonderful years with you and even though we are away from each other for long months, I wouldn’t trade this love for anything else. Long distance relationships take so much work, but they’re definitely worth it. I can’t wait to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. Happy 4 years to us! I love you, always ❤️ (at San Diego, California)

Too good!!! 🍫🍓🍦#up2youcafe (at Up 2 You Cafe)

2 weeks left in Cali 😥💔. My 2 month vacay just flew by. Why is it always like that? #cantwaittomovehere (at San Diego, California)

"Cause baby, love never felt so good.." #cantwaittomarryyou

Beautiful view of San Diego + Dinner at Mister A’s with the family 🍴🍷 (at Bertrand at Mister A’s Restaurant)

I think we might’ve found our wedding venue :) #delosreyesluna2016 (at Steele Canyon Golf Club)

Missing this cutie a lot today. See you when I get back home my Pixie 🐶❤️ #mybaby